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Advisory Services

Intrepid Financial Planning Group, LLC (IFPG) is a fee-only based investment advisory firm registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Investment Advisor Act of 1940.  IFPG is not a mutual fund or hedge fund. Client monies and accounts are not co-mingled with other client monies or accounts.  IFPG customizes each client portfolio in an attempt to match the client's goals, risk tolerance, and expectations.  IFPG utilizes both financial and non-financial information from clients in the customization process.  Client portfolios are monitored and periodically adjusted.

IFPG investment advisory services are provided on a discretionary basis.  Discretionary means clients give IFPG permission to buy and sell investments at IFPG's discretion without having to consult the client in advance of the transaction.  

Although IFPG advisory services are provided on a discretionary basis, IFPG recognizes it is the client's money.  Accordingly, clients are free to request IFPG to refrain from including certain types or categories of investments in their portfolio.  Advisory clients are also free to request IFPG to include a specific investment in their portfolio or request IFPG to analyze and provide an opinion on an investment they are considering for inclusion.

At Intrepid Financial, we realize there are clients who have recurring withdrawals or distributions from their accounts, as well as those market conditions which make it prudent to increase the position in cash.  IFPG does not charge a management fee on those funds sitting in money markets.  This is another differentiator from other investment advisory firms.

While IFPG advisors may be located in various communities, they all receive close support from our headquarters in Indianapolis.  We are currently registered in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, California, Michigan, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Texas.  Residents of other states may be eligible to receive offers with prior approval.  Please inquire if you reside outside one of the states listed above.

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